Obtaining a Firearms License in Massachusetts

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Here is a flow-chart detailing the exact steps you must take to be granted a firearms license in Massachusetts: /www.goal.org/Documents/MA-License-Flow-Chart.pdf

It is important to understand that there are three different firearms licenses in Massachusetts. (NOTE: New legislation means that there are only TWO different firearms licenses in Massachusetts. We will update this page with more information.) For more information about the different licenses and what they allow you to do, please visit 405-637-0178

To apply for a license, you must first show proof that you have taken a firearms safety course. As we address in our Firearms Safety section, we are certified to teach a course that would fulfill this requirement. However, if you have experience with firearms and see this course as just a requirement to check off the list, we recommend you take the class through a different organization. We prefer to gear our classes towards individuals who have never shot before or who want a full review of firearms safety. If the class is just another requirement to you, there are many other organizations that would be happy to have your business.

Finally, there are two points that should be made:

  1. Should you obtain your firearms license, keep in mind that in the event that you move your residence you must send three certified letters; one to the police department who issued your current license, one to the Police Chief of the town to which you are moving, and one to the Criminal History Systems Board. Failure to do send these letters within 30 days could result in your license being revoked. This can happen regardless of if you actually own any Firearms, Ammunition, Mace, or Pepper spray.
  2. Before you purchase a gun, make sure you have an anti-burglar safe in which to store it. A fire-safe is insufficient for a firearm.

Following is more information on the process.





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In July, 2015, Todd Mahan joined MEI Security with the goal of building a superior safety training business. Since that time, Mahan has developed a new line of security awareness training for individuals.

Whether it’s petty crimes like theft, or more serious crimes like assault, crime continues be a problem in society. Recent events show us that crime happens for many different reasons, but whatever the reason – like personal financial gain, revenge, or even terrorism – the primary objective for staying safe is prevention. Unless you are tasked with enforcing the law, distance is your friend when talking about crime. We want to help you stay alert and safe from potential criminal activity before it happens.

Mahan has developed an interactive course that enlists participants in cultivating their own solutions to avoiding crime. This method of guiding students in their efforts to make themselves safer ensures that all information learned from the class is directly relevant to their own lives. Class participants also benefit from Mahan’s years of experience, including his work as an instructor of martial arts, his time as an EMT in Boston, and his service as Military Police & SWAT team member in the United States Air Force.

Our goal is for people to learn how to live safer without living in fear. We want to help people be prepared with actions they can take when they feel alarmed, but we also want people to recognize bad situations and how to avoid them.

The Basic Safety class is our first course in this area. It is the result of five months of development. We believe it will help students live safer and more securely without causing irrational fear.

Vik Solem
President, Consultant, Trainer

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