Transforming Companies with
Artificial Intelligence

Markov provides customized AI-powered solutions & consulting programs
to help companies getting ready for the age of AI.


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We are experts for Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Data.

Markov offers customized AI-based solutions and consulting programs that help companies to prepare for the age of AI. We are specialized in improving and automating tasks with AI-powered computer vision systems.

Our team is highly qualified to support companies in the ideation and implementation of AI projects.


Our Services


Our consulting will give you an understanding of the most important concepts of AI. You will learn if you have useful data and together with you, we will identify use cases in your company that AI can improve or automate.

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AI-Powered Solutions

Our AI solutions improve/automate processes in complex areas like manufacturing. These can be tasks such as fault detection on assembly lines. Our engineers deliver high quality software along with the necessary hardware.


Rapid Prototyping

Through our pipelines, we are able to produce working prototypes of various products within a few days.



We apply AI technologies to build model concepts to assess the technological potential of a use case.

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Operation & Maintenance

We take care of the availability of our systems and adapt them to ever changing conditions.

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Why Us?

  • Winners of "Facebook's AI Hackathon" in Berlin (2018)
  • Worked as individuals in AI projects for SAP, Xing, Metro and the Charité.
  • Agile & lean working principles for rapid prototyping
  • State of the art technologies
  • Owners of

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